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As of 4/31/22 Worley Industries will be taking a break from selling the Worley Industries Webshooter Collection

Inspired by the design of the web-shooters seen in Spider-Man Homecoming, Worley Industries reworked the look and functionality into an Apple Watch case with an adjustable band. *Please fill out Apple Watch Size and which hand it is worn on*

Spider-Man Inspired Apple Watch Case

Remixed from the web-shooter from Spider-Man Homecoming, this projectile launcher shoots a single shot "web" holding a spring and magnet. 

Spider-Man Inspired Webshooter

Remixed from the web-shooter seen in Avengers Infinity War, Endgame, and the upcoming No Way Home this projectile launcher shoots a single shot "web" holding a spring and magnet.

Iron-Spider Inspired Webshooter

Where Science Fiction Can Meet Reality

"If there is something that you feel is good, something you want to do, something that means something to you, try to do it"- Stan Lee (1922-2018)

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Welcome to Worley Industries

Worley Industries was created with a goal to eventually bridge a gap between science fiction and reality. Through the inspiration of comic book movies, there's a few ideas here in development and design phases including technology similar to the superhero Spider-Man.  Although the main focus is to ultimately create technology, feel free to take advantage of the technology offered here to provide 3D printing services for inquiries such as business signs, prop replication, and custom request. Whether that be a standard logo, a cosplay helmet, a custom card holder or even a Spider Man Inspired Webshooter. Check the shop!

The Goal

There are hundreds of amazing technologies produced in comic book movies. By bridging a gap between science fiction and reality one step at a time a goal like that can be reached. 



With the power of 3D Printing and Computer Aided Design (CAD), anything you can think of can be taken from fiction and made into reality. Superhero Masks, Movie Props, Phone Cases, Décor, etc.

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For more information, business inquires, or willingness to join our projects, reach out to us. Most replies are within 1-3 business days

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CEO Nathan Worley

What started out as a senior project making an Iron Man suit, forged itself into a potential business through Worley Replicas and now Worley Industries

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